RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course online

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The RYA Yachtmaster theory course is an advanced step in sailing education, ideal for experienced sailors aiming to deepen their knowledge. This course imparts comprehensive skills and understanding necessary to confidently command a boat in various conditions.

Prior experience in sailing and navigation is expected for this theory course, as it builds on foundational sailing knowledge and skills.

RYA Yachtmaster theory

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The RYA Yachtmaster theory course is a crucial prerequisite for the Yachtmaster practical exam and exam preparation course. It is highly advised to complete this theory course prior to undertaking the practical. Students embarking on the practical course without a solid grasp of the Yachtmaster theory material are at a significant disadvantage and may struggle to succeed.

If you have already finished a navigation theory course in a different system, such as the Spanish Capitán de Yate course, you may be able to skip the RYA Yachtmaster theory course and go directly to the practical course. Please check the frequently asked questions section below to find out more.

RYA Yachtmaster theory course: Choose your way to learn


The Boat School offers two ways to complete the RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course: online or in person. Our in-person courses are held in small groups in Denia.

On this page, you can learn more about the online option. This online course is provided by Skippers Online.


Day Skipper theory course online
Day Skipper theory course online
Day Skipper theory course online

What You Will Learn in the RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course


The RYA Yachtmaster theory course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of sailing and the skills you need to be a competent skipper. Topics covered during the course include:

Introduction to Sailing

This section delves into the basics of maritime navigation, covering Charts & Other Publications essential for understanding maritime geography and navigation techniques. It also includes the Definition of Position, Time, Speed & Distance, fundamental concepts for plotting courses and determining location. Additionally, this area covers The Compass, focusing on its use, the importance of deviation allowance, and techniques for swinging the compass.

Tidal Knowledge and Calculations

In this area, students will explore Tidal Theory, understanding the causes and effects of tides on maritime navigation. The course also addresses Tidal Heights, teaching how to calculate them, including for secondary ports, and Tidal Streams, focusing on the interpolation of drift, vital for accurate course plotting in tidal waters.


Environmental and Safety Considerations

The final area focuses on Meteorology, where students learn to interpret surface pressure charts and understand weather patterns for safe sailing. It also covers The Collision Regulations, ensuring understanding of maritime traffic rules to prevent accidents. Lastly, the course emphasizes Safety & Protection of The Environment, teaching practices to maintain safety at sea and protect the marine environment.

Technology in Navigation

This segment introduces modern Electronic Aids to Navigation, enhancing traditional navigation methods with technology. It also covers Pilotage, the skill of navigating in coastal waters, and Passage Planning, crucial for preparing and executing safe and efficient voyages.


Practical Navigation Techniques

Focusing on hands-on navigation skills, this section covers Estimated Position, a key skill in determining your location when electronic aids are unavailable. Course to Steer is another crucial topic, guiding on how to set courses considering various navigational factors. The area also emphasizes Visual Aids to Navigation, an essential component for safe and effective sailing.


Yachtmaster Theory Course

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Learning Approach


This course is accessible online with no additional software required. The lessons are accompanied by optional professional narration and notes, offering flexibility and convenience.

The RYA Yachtmaster theory course online is provided by Skippers Online, a Recognised RYA Distance Learning Centre based in the UK. The course is meticulously designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills for captaining your own vessel. This approach includes:


Interactive Lessons

The course features intuitive lessons accompanied by professional narration and notes. Complex subjects are simplified with interactive animations and graphics, aiding you in grasping each topic fully.

Regular Assessments

Engage in regular quizzes throughout each lesson. These assessments help to gauge your understanding and readiness for the final examination.

Detailed Guidance

The course offers detailed step-by-step instructions, especially for navigational or tidal calculations, making it easy for you to follow along and understand the intricate details of maritime navigation.

Instructor Support

Support from the Skippers Online instructors is available 7 days a week – via email, telephone, or video calls. If you need some extra help to work out a tidal calculation or some personal tuition to work out a passage plan your instructor will be there to help.

Feedback and Resits

After course completion, you can request mock and then final exams. These are assessed by RYA instructors who provide detailed feedback on areas requiring further study within the course syllabus. Additional free resits are available.

Exercises and Practice

At the end of each lesson, you will find exercises with questions similar to those in the exam. Detailed and illustrated answers are sent immediately to confirm your progress and fully prepare you for the mock and final exams.

How is the online RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course evaluated?


To complete the RYA Yachtmaster theory course, you will need to pass two exams: a multiple-choice exam and a chartwork exam. The multiple-choice exam will test your knowledge of the course material, while the chartwork exam will test your ability to apply that knowledge to real-world situations.

The multiple-choice exam is 100 questions long and you will need to score 70% or higher to pass. The chartwork exam is 2 hours long and you will need to score 80% or higher to pass.

Both exams can be taken online or at our offices in Denia or Madrid.

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